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Who is Bijit Chakraborty?

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Bijit Chakraborty, an Indian entrepreneur and motivational speaker, has multiple successful businesses. He also helps people overcome challenges and achieve their full potential through his motivational speaking and writing. His first book, "A New Path," was inspired by his experience helping people overcome porn addiction. He focuses on personal development, self-discovery, and fulfilment in his work.


Bijit Chakraborty


11. 14. 1998



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English, Hindi, Bengali


Kolkata, India


What people said about my books

"Much needed to current Generation irrespective of their Gender. Lot of research had gone into bringing out the flaws and rectification. Thanks to the author. He had informed in a lucid manner".

"I have read alot regarding ways to prevent oneself from porn addiction, but this book in very concise in the said topic. The ways guided in this e-book to stop porn addiction is very practical and useful to the readers".

"A New Path offers a fresh and insightful perspective on addiction and recovery. The author's approach is practical, providing readers with the tools and inspiration to create a brighter future".

"This book has the potential to be life-changing. By implementing its practical advice, readers may experience newfound freedom and fulfilment. A must read for every reader".


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